Tootsie Pop Day

Tootsie Pop Day is May 4th and 5th, 2018 - This caramel treat will help raise funds to support vision & hearing services and programs for both your Club and your LIF. Click here to read more.                 

Diabetes Awareness Campaign

From March through May, the Lions of Illinois Foundation hosts a Diabetes Awareness Campaign. Partnering with the American Diabetes Association, Lions distribute risk strips to their communities for diabetes awareness. Click here for more information.


            Below are links to the websites of our service partner organizations:

Center for Sight & Hearing

Chicago Lighthouse
Hadley Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Illinois College of Optometry
Leader Dogs For The Blind
Lions of Illinois Eye Research Institute LIERI
Lions International
Lions of Illinois Inc.
Pearle Vision
Spectrios Institute for Low Vision
USA/Canada Lions Leadership Forum

Seeing Is Believing

The Low-Vision Program for Students is designed to help severely visually impaired youth make the most of their remaining sight. The Lions of Illinois Foundation Partners with Spectrios Institute for low vision, the Illinois College of Optometry, and the Chicago Lighthouse for the Blind to provide a FREE comprehensive visual evaluation to Illinois students in grades K-12. Referral of students are made by special education staff employed by the Illinois Board of Education.

Sight & Sound Sweepstakes

Where else can you have the opportunity to strike it rich and help people at the same time?

The answer: the Sight & Sound Sweepstakes, a cash raffle with a first prize of $5,000 and total prize money of $19,750.
The money raised will be used locally or statewide to help the visually and hearing impaired through such programs as Camp Lions for children/adults and free vision/hearing screenings.

Winning tickets will be drawn at the Annual Membership Meeting of the Lions of Illinois Foundation in May. Sweepstakes tickets are available from any Lions Club member and are $10 for a book of 3 tickets or $4 for an individual ticket. Persons wishing to join the Lions in their fight against the effects of vision and hearing loss should contact the local Lions Club or the Lions of Illinois Foundation.

Endowment Fund

The Lions of Illinois Endowment Fund offers the opportunity for members of the Lions family and the general public to give a
tax-deductible gift that keeps on giving. It is a restricted fund in which contributions are pooled and invested, with the principal remaining intact. Only the income can be used to support Lions of Illinois Foundation programs and services for the visually and hearing impaired.


Funds are contributed through a variety of ways.

Memorials: Donations may be given in the name of someone who has passed on.

Honorariums: Donations may be given to honor a special occasion (birthday, anniversary, graduation, promotion, retirement, becoming a Foundation Fellow, etc.) or to wish someone well.

Sustaining Supporters: The Sustaining Supporter Program is a method of giving in which anyone (Lion or non-Lion) is encouraged to give a $25 donation on an annual basis to help support the many programs and services of the Lions of Illinois Foundation.

Foundation Fellows: A Foundation Fellow is the greatest level of recognition that can be bestowed by the Lions of Illinois Foundation and can honor anyone (Lion or non-Lion). For those who wish to contribute more than $500 or to begin a program of giving, there are 25 levels of the Foundation Fellow, with each level attained affording honor to the individual named.

Tree of Service: The Tree of Service provides permanent acknowledgement and recognition of a gift and may be used to honor or memorialize a person, a group (club, family, organization), or an event. Anyone can contribute through the Tree of Service program. For each contribution of $1,000, a bronze leaf is inscribed on the Tree; for a contribution of $5,000 or more, a rock at the foot of the Tree is inscribed.

Legacy Club: The Legacy Club is a way of recognizing individuals who wish to assist in the establishment of a lasting legacy to help children and adults who are visually or hearing impaired. Membership in the Legacy Club is granted to any person (Lion or non-Lion) who demonstrates a commitment to the vision of the Lions of Illinois Foundation by:leaving a bequest large or small or assigning any part of a pension/retirement fund, IRA, insurance policy, or investment account to the Lions of Illinois Foundation.

Wills, Bequests, Trusts: Individuals may choose to give an estate tax-deductible gift by naming the Lions of Illinois Endowment Fund or Lions of Illinois Foundation as (1) a beneficiary of part of an estate; or (2) an assignee of part of a pension/retirement fund, IRA, insurance policy, or investment account. Individuals who provide appropriate documentation to the Lions of Illinois Endowment Fund become members of the Legacy Club and receive a beautiful pin.