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District Trustees

1-A Frank Kirar (Robin)
E-mail: ncfisolf@aol.com

1-A Steve Anton, PCC, PDG (Gail)
E-mail: santonlions@comcast.net

1-BK Sharon Hawkinson, PDG (John)
LIEF President
E-Mail: pdgsharon@gmail.com

1-BK John Pajkos, PDG
LIF President
E-Mail: johnpajkos@yahoo.com

1-CN James Hauenschild, PDG
LIEF Secretary and Treasurer 
E-Mail: dg1cn2012@aol.com

1-CN Morris “Mo” Ritzel, PDG
E-Mail: moritzel13@gmail.com

*1-CS Steve Griffin, PDG (Rochelle)
E-Mail: steve.griffin@mchsi.com

1-CS Chip Farrington, PDG
E-Mail: chiplion@hotmail.com

1-D Wayne Fruit, PDG (Jan)
E-Mail: wayne.fruit@gmail.com

1-D Fred Peska, PDG, PCC
LIEF Vice President
E-Mail: diamondp@mchsi.com

1-F Walt Holden, PDG
E-Mail: liftrustee@aol.com

1-F Molly Penny, PDG
E-Mail: penny246@comcast.net

1-G Carol Anderson, PDG (Johnny)
LIF Secretary
E-mail: carolgirn@hotmail.com

1-G Gary Wilson
E-Mail: wrlionszone@gmail.com

1-H Dave Russell (Cheryl)
E-mail: drrussell1of2@gmail.com

*1-H Diane Kroll, PDG
E-Mail: liondiane@gmail.com

1-J Nancy Rex, PDG
LIF Treasurer
E-Mail: nlrex@live.com

1-J Ed Kelley, PDG
E-Mail: ed-pam-kelley@comcast.net

1-M Steve Frankenstein, PDG
E-Mail: pdgfrankenstein@aol.com

1-M William “Butch” Guennewig, PDG
LIF Vice President
E-Mail: butch.lionsclub@gmail.com

* Executive Committee

State Committee Chairpersons

Camp Lions Chairperson: Richard Sellers, PDG, PFP (Kathy) (1-H)
E-Mail: dksellers@sbcglobal.net

Hearing Services Chairperson: John Thien, PDG (Betty) (1-G)
E-Mail: PDG__John_Thien@hotmail.com

Vision Services Chairperson: Johnny Anderson (Carol) (1-G)
E-Mail: janders@adams.net

Diabetes Awareness Chairperson: Rob Wirth (1-G)
E-Mail: wirths@hotmail.com

Birdies For Charity Chairperson: Lydia Ellis, PCC, PFP (1-CN)
E-Mail: serve2dgillinois@yahoo.com 

Fundraising Chairperson Larry Spaeth, PDG (1-F)
E-mail: pdgspaeth0607@yahoo.com

Memorials & Endowments Chairperson: Bill McKinney, PDG, PID (1-G)
E-Mail: idmd1gcn@yahoo.com

Key Ambassador of Goodwill Chairperson: Steve Ferguson, PFP, PDG (Kathy) (1-M)
E-Mail: lion_steve@yahoo.com

Long Range Planning Chairperson: Don Borgwardt, PFP
E-Mail: liondonborgwardt@yahoo.com

Parliamentarian: Tom Martin, PDG (Jane) (1-H)
E-Mail: janeandtom@frontier.com