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District Trustees

1-A Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG
Foundation Secretary 
E-mail: govaustin@gmail.com

1-A Steve Anton, PCC  
Endowment Trust Vice President 
E-mail: santonlions@comcast.net

1-BK Joe Krenkel 
E-Mail: krenkeljoe@gmail.com

1-BK John "Hawk" Hawkinson, PDG
Foundation Treasurer
E-Mail: johnhawk13@me.com

1-CN James Hauenschild, PDG
Endowment Trust President 
E-Mail: dg1cn2012@aol.com

1-CN Morris “Mo” Ritzel, PDG
E-Mail: moritzel13@gmail.com

1-CS Steve Griffin, PDG 
E-Mail: steve.griffin@mchsi.com

1-CS Chip Farrington, PDG
Foundation President
E-Mail: chiplion@hotmail.com

1-D Pam Graney, PCC 
E-Mail: ccpammd1@gmail.com

1-D Steve Boettger, PDG
E-Mail: steveboettger78@gmail.com

1-F Martin Reading ,PDG
E-Mail: marty@reading-electric.com

1-F Molly Penny, PDG
E-Mail: pennys246@comcast.net

1-G Dean Hemming, PDG
E-mail: edhemming@adams.net 

1-G Johnny Anderson, PDG
Foundation Vice President 
E-Mail: janders@adams.net

1-H Jan Entwistle
E-mail: janiceentwistle@yahoo.com 

1-H Rich Gordon, PDG
E-Mail: liongordon50@yahoo.com

1-J Nancy Rex, PDG
Endowment Trust Treasurer/Secretary 
E-Mail: nlrex@live.com

1-J Ed Kelley, PDG
E-Mail: ed-pam-kelley@comcast.net

1-M Jani Robinson-Mendenhall, PDG
E-Mail: janiferjean@hotmail.com

1-M James Ingram
E-Mail: olejim90@yahoo.com 

State Committee Chairpersons

Health Services: Chairperson Bob Jilke, PDG 

E-Mail: bljilke@aol.com
Health Services Include: Mobile Hearing and Retinal Screening Units, Hearing Aid Collection for our Hearing Aid Bank, Adult Low-Vision (Orientation and Mobiltiy Training), Student Low-Vision Clinics, Children's Vision Screenings, Diabetes Awarness Campaign, Health Fairs 

Memorials and Endowments: Chairperson Jim Addington, PDG
Memorials and Endowments Include: Foundation Fellows, Sustaining Supporters, Tree of Service, Memorials, Get Wells, Birdies for Charity 

FUNdRAISERS: Chairperson  
Fundraisers include: Candy Day, Tootsie Pop Day, Sight and Sound Sweepstakes, Annual Gala, Annual Car Show, BBQ Tournaments, Diabetes Awarness, LIF Gift Card Campaign Annual Golf Classic, Walk for Sight

LEADER DOG: Chairperson Fred Peska, PCC
Leader Dog Includes: To Present and Promote to Clubs, the Liaison for Leader Dog Program

Key Ambassador of Goodwill: Chairperson PFP, Lydia Ellis, PCC
E-Mail: serve2dgillinois@yahoo.com 
Key Ambassador Includes: Assist Trustees with Promoting LIF and LIEF Programs and Services and Communicating Information on LIF Fundraisers,
Maintaining Ambassador Member Lists

Parliamentarian: Tom Martin, PDG 

E-Mail: janeandtom@frontier.com