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District Trustees

1-A Dr. Austin D'Souza, PDG
Foundation Secretary 
E-mail: govaustin@gmail.com

1-A Steve Anton, PCC  
Endowment Trust President 
E-mail: santonlions@comcast.net

1-BK Joe Krenkel 
E-Mail: krenkeljoe@gmail.com

1-BK John "Hawk" Hawkinson, PDG
Foundation Treasurer
E-Mail: johnhawk13@me.com

1-CN Guideon Richeson 
E-Mail: griche@msn.com

1-CN Morris “Mo” Ritzel, PDG
E-Mail: moritzel13@gmail.com

1-CS Randy Ferguson, PDG 
E-Mail: rjferguson1950@gmail.com

1-CS Chip Farrington, PDG
E-Mail: chiplion@hotmail.com

1-D Pam Graney, PCC 
Endowment Trust Secretary/Treasurer
E-Mail: ccpammd1@gmail.com

1-D Steve Boettger, PDG
E-Mail: steveboettger78@gmail.com

1-F Martin Reading ,PDG
E-Mail: marty@reading-electric.com

1-F Molly Penny, PDG
E-Mail: pennys246@comcast.net

1-G Gary Kreutzberg
E-mail: kreutzberggj@agtelco.com

1-G Johnny Anderson, PDG
Foundation President 
E-Mail: janders@adams.net

1-H Jan Entwistle
Foundation Vice President
E-mail: janiceentwistle@yahoo.com 

1-H Rich Gordon, PDG
E-Mail: liongordon50@yahoo.com

1-J Robert Fowler, PDG
E-Mail: lionbob@att.net

1-J Ed Kelley, PDG
E-Mail: ed-pam-kelley@comcast.net

1-M Jani Robinson-Mendenhall, PDG
E-Mail: janiferjean@hotmail.com

1-M James Ingram
Endowment Trust Vice President
E-Mail: olejim90@yahoo.com 

State Committee Chairpersons

Health Services Chairperson: Bob Jilke, PDG 

E-Mail: bljilke@aol.com
Health Services Include: Mobile Hearing and Retinal Screening Units, Hearing Aid Collection for our Hearing Aid Bank, Adult Low-Vision (Orientation and Mobiltiy Training), Student Low-Vision Clinics, Children's Vision Screenings, Diabetes Awarness Campaign, Health Fairs 

Memorials and Endowments Chairperson: Lydia Ellis, PCC, PFP
Memorials and Endowments Include: Foundation Fellows, Sustaining Supporters, Tree of Service, Memorials, Get Wells, Birdies for Charity 

FUNdRAISING Chairperson: Ralph J. Fisher, Jr.
E-mail: rfisherj1959@gmail.com
Fundraisers include: Candy Day, Tootsie Pop Day, Sight and Sound Sweepstakes, Annual Gala, Annual Car Show, BBQ Tournaments, Diabetes Awarness, LIF Gift Card Campaign Annual Golf Classic, Walk for Sight

LEADER DOG Chairperson: Fred Peska, PCC
Leader Dog Includes: To Present and Promote to Clubs, the Liaison for Leader Dog Program

Key Ambassador of Goodwill Chairperson: John Thein, pdg, pfp
E-Mail: pdg_john_thein@hotmail.com
Key Ambassador Includes: Assist Trustees with Promoting LIF and LIEF Programs and Services and Communicating Information on LIF Fundraisers,
Maintaining Ambassador Member Lists

Parliamentarian: Tom Martin, PDG 

E-Mail: thomasemartin@gmail.com